Thursday, March 14, 2019

KÅNKEN- phase 3 #Coincidences opening night 14.10 at 19.00

KÅNKEN phase 3 #Coincidences-SweetDreams Kollektiv

Performances Monday 14.10 at 19.00 opening night. 

Tuesday 15.10 at 19.00 / *Wednesday 16.10 at 20.00 / *Thursday 17.10 at 20.30. * part of Stretch Festival 2019 in Turku. 
All performances at Barker-theatre. 

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KÅNKEN is a duet and choreography in which dance-artists Marjan Raar and Linda Björkqvist explore the content of time, space and generations. 
In KÅNKEN the dancers are investigating and challenging the boarders and boundaries of the past and future in both physical and imaginative ways. 
The space invites, but also forces them into one place , into one piece and into one moment of sharing.
The power of art, the trust, the struggle and the common need to move forward makes KÅNKEN what it is right now.
Time is their common friend and enemy, time flies, time never stands still, time runs away, the future and past are melting into the big now.
Every moment, every move, they dive deeper into life and  time.
Dragging into the future, pulling away from the past, they struggle and find the flow that directs them into the moment, into that what matters right now.
The strength of 2 generations and their attempt to find common ground in KÅNKEN, has been a journey through movement , endurance and skill. The significant age difference of 30 years between both dancers gives this piece an extra flavor.
With this project SweetDreams Kollektiv presents an earthy, at times poignant, raw but also sensitive duet about the power of people and generations, the sense of time and the reality of life.


Concept and choreography SweetDreams Kollektiv
Dance Marjan Raar & Linda Björkqvist
Lights and design: Antton Kainulainen
Pictures : Jesper Dolgov

KÅNKEN is a production in co-operation with the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland and got financial support from Svenska Kulturfonden and Konstsamfundet.
Duration approximately : 55 minutes

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