Thursday, June 4, 2015

Working in Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder, the Netherlands

During June I rehearse a new choreography in Den Helder, the Netherlands. 
I'm going to work in Kunsthal45 during the artist in residence program Air! 
On June 20 at 21.30 I will perform during an improvised evening  together with musician Jussi Paananen who plays the violin,  in Kunsthal45. 
At the same time artist in residence Baukje Spaltro works on her series of paintings Den Nieuwen Helder. 
Our impro will be inspired by Baukjes paintings, the space and the creative atmosphere of Kunsthal 45.
The other days I rehearse a new choreography which will be performed in Barker Theater in Turku ; BLack. 

An impression of our working process and performance at Kunsthal 45:

Pictures : Marja Lely