Monday, November 23, 2020

Into the Cloud opening night 25.11 at 19.00 at Barker-theatre

 There we go , half a year delayed but now we are ready to perform.

 At Fringe festival on 20.11 at 19.30 and 21.11 at 16.30 try-outs 

Here the link on more information ofInto the Cloud!

Barker-teatteri 25.11 at 19.00 OPENING NIGHT 

next performances : 27 and 28.11 at 19.00 and 29.11 at 15.00

Please reserve your tickets at 

We take in only 20 people due to corona safety regulations. 

And on December 3 we perform a special Xmas edition  at the library in Turku as part of the Xmas calendar of the dance center of western Finland. 

And finally we perform at the 3 colors festival at Aurinkobaletti in Turku on 12.12 in the evening.


UPDATE: we will be live streaming due to corona regulations. 

Get your link at Aurinkobaletti to join us ! Live streaming starts at 18.00 on 12.12.2020 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Into the Cloud UPDATE

 After a three and a half months break , we are back to work despite these corona times. 

We resumed our rehearsals of  Into the Cloud again, we made changes and  we added things. 

Into the Cloud will be performed in November at Finfringe festival in Finland,

thereafter at Barker-theatre and in December we join the 3 COLORS festival at Aurinkobaletti in Finland.

We are back again in Barker-theatre and work there until the opening night at Finfringe festival.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Into the Cloud

a choreography about algorithms and viruses.
Danced by Anna Jolma and Evgeny Kostyukov
Music and sound Bikkie Skeef
Lights by Antton Kainulainen

Performances: November 2020
tickets through the finfringe website!

pictures taken in rehearsal