Monday, May 24, 2021


 Opening night is sold out! 

next performances on 28-29-30-5 at 19.00 and 2 & 4.6 at 19.00

reserve your place at

due to corona restrictions we have limited seats!

Teaser by Miikkael Kukkula


Wednesday, April 28, 2021


                             Soon we will have our opening night. Live.

                    On 26.5 at Barker theatre. And hopefully with audience.

ECHOES- a piece made in cooperation with minority studies at åbo akademi. A piece which is part of the project #forcingtheimpossible 

On stage Robert Stowe/Evgeny Kostyukov/ Bror Österlund/ Marjan Raar

Lights Jukka Haataja

Sound Bikkie Skeef

Paintings Baukje Spaltro

                  picture by Reino Koivula