Sunday, November 8, 2015

BLACK opening night friday 13.11 at 19.00 Barker Theater Turku Finland

                                         BLACK a solo dance for 2

Black is an intense, rough, mysterious solo dance in rage and peace in a bare environment with nothing else but a floor, lights, music.  And dance. Back to the instrument that matters most..the body. All additional and artificial grace is abandoned. Back to zero. Fragile and vulnerable yet brave and daring after 30 years of being in a home away from home. 

Choreography and concept Marjan Raar
soloist                       Marjan Raar
alter ego and soloist Linda Holmström
light design               Arttu Aarnio
music                        Muziekfabriek & others
marketing                  Barker Teatteri
pictures                     Jesper Dolgov

Opening night friday 13.11 at 19.00
Next performances: Saturday 14.11 at 19.00
                                 Sunday   15.11 at 15.00
                                 Friday     20.11 at 19.00
                                 Saturday 21.11 at 19.00
                                 Sunday   22.11  at 15.00

Black has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus and Barker Teatteri.

Tickets : 15 &10 euro

Barker Teatteri
Raunistulantie 25 H Turku
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