Thursday, March 14, 2013

solo dance performance Öde-Abandoned

ÖDE-ABANDONED   opening night, premiär, ensi-ilta Friday 5.4.2013 at 19.00

A solo dance about loneliness.

Location: An old abandoned building in Singapore , known as the "hostel of Brunei", where in the old days students from Brunei lived and studied. The building was suddenly abandoned in 1983 and is nowadays unattended and slowly falling apart. Only ghost seekers, photographers and graffiti artist are, so now and then, visiting the building.

It's a lonely place and some say, it's been haunted. It is fascinating to see how the jungle invades the building and is taking over that what once has been.

In this solo dance I draw parallels between this building and us, people.  What is loneliness doing to us, and does the jungle start to grow inside of us?

                             A samurai's journey through time, moods and loneliness.

choreography & dance    Marjan Raar
assistant choreographer  Pia Karaspuro
clothes and design           Marjo Haapasalo
technics                           Robert Wikberg
light design                     Bror Österlund
video                               Marjan Raar

Opening night :               Friday 5.4 at 19.00
next performances:     Saturday 6.4 at 19.00
                                   Friday    12.4 at 19.00
                                   Sunday   14.4 at 17.00
                                   Friday    19.4 at 19.00

Place : Gallerisalen, Gillesgården
            Aurakatu 1 G  inner yard

tickets 12/10€

reservations :
or : 041-5184649

more information on :

a MRDanceworks production in cooperation with Barker Teatteri.