Friday, December 16, 2016

HighTide /Hoogtij

HighTide or Hoogtij is a solo project which I create during 2 months in the city of Den Helder.
I work in an empty shop , and have first been working on the space, and try to transfer that into a space in which I can create a choreography. 

From the outside people can watch a movie from the process I'm busy with. And especially when it's dark outside its a colorful space. During the daytime light from the outside is coming in, which makes it hard to see the space. But I'm still working on that and have solved that today!! Pictures in January!

Dance material will come in January and I should be ready around the middle of January to show the result of working in an empty space with nothing but one electricity plug to start from. 
The adress: Spoorstraat 60 in Den Helder and the shop is called schoenenreus. Pop in if you want from 7.1 forward. Or just walked by to see read and watch pictures and a video.

I'm writing a blog on the window of the shop (nicely old fashioned by hand) of my whereabouts and actions. 

Here some first impression of the beginning. 
High Tide is about sea, rituals, festivity and me. 

                   rehearsing in our studio in Barker Theater in Finland

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Unknown said...

Hello Marjan and Bror. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous 2017. The address we have for you must be old as the mail gets returned. We were very happy to find you on Google. It is so long since we met in Indonesia. From this site and Bror's site we see you both are quite renowned in Scandinavia's arts world. Would love to keep in touch again. Kind regards Morris and Pam Richards, Wanganui New Zealand