Sunday, April 19, 2015

Opening night 16.5 Barker Theater : Windwhisper / Vindviskare

A choreography from Marjan Raar based on the art works from graphic artist Veronika Ringbom
Veronika selected her art works into 3 different themes; Obsession, Fragile and the Windwhisper. 

Video artist Anikó Kuikka collected the works of Ringbom and gave her own artistic interpretation to it, which resulted in a strong and playful movie which covers the wall behind the dancer.

Marjan Raar makes this choreography for dancer Linda Holmström and works with the strong female energy arising from Ringbom’s art works. 

                                        A piece about breaking and cherishing femininity

Choreography Marjan Raar
Dance Linda Holmström
Graphic art Veronika Ringbom
Video and voices Anikó Kuikka
Lights and tech Jesper Dolgov

Barker Teatteri 

Opening night saturday 16.5 at 19.00
next performances  
sunday 17.5 at 15.00
wednesday 20.5 at 19.00  
saturday 23.5 at 15.00
sunday 24.5 at 15.00

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