Thursday, November 15, 2018

RAW... a kind of fairytale

RAW... a kind of fairytale 

A solo dance with the first showings in January 2019 in Barker-teatteri.

In this solo performance Marjan Raar has been creating a frame story, which is the base for this performance. She chose the fairytale version of story telling, as fairytales are triggering the fantasy of us humans. It allows our mind to create visual images, which can be non-logic and which can make associations with things beyond understanding.

This fairytale is a fantasy-full story based on some objects and strange happenings which together, are the base and inspiration of this fairytale.
A fairytale about starting , about handicrafts , strange disappearances, about death and extermination while counting the stars... all ending in happiness.. or....

Concept, choreography and dance Marjan Raar
Text and Voice                                Marjan Raar
Sound  and composition                 Arttu Aarnio
Painting                                          Baukje Spaltro
Graphics                                         Dio Lau


  Supported by Svenska Kulturfonden