Thursday, November 15, 2018

RAW... a kind of fairytale

RAW... a kind of fairytale 

A solo dance with the first showings in January 2019 in Barker-teatteri.

In this solo performance Marjan Raar has been creating a frame story, which is the base for this performance. She chose the fairytale version of story telling, as fairytales are triggering the fantasy of us humans. It allows our mind to create visual images, which can be non-logic and which can make associations with things beyond understanding.

This fairytale is a fantasy-full story based on several objects which together, are the base and inspiration of this fairytale.
A fairytale about starting , about handicrafts , strange disappearances, about death and extermination while counting the stars... all ending in happiness.. or....

Concept, choreography and dance Marjan Raar
Text and Voice                               Marjan Raar
Sound  and composition              Arttu Aarnio
Painting                                          Baukje Spaltro
Lights                                             Jukka  Haataja 


  Supported by Svenska Kulturfonden & Svenska         Folkskolans vänner

Wednesday, August 1, 2018



           “ The age difference seems a little awkward, .... but the dance is about that”...

KÅNKEN, a physically challenging choreography by SweetDreams Kollektiv, in which 2 dancers are taking the challenge of defying time and age. The age difference of 30 years between the dancers makes the challenge complete.

This piece is a physical dance and movement performance, in which the boundaries of the past and future are shaken up, age is thrown away and time disappears like sand, while the moment remains.


What we say about KÅNKEN:

"With KÅNKEN, we want to create an earthy, poignant, raw but sensitive, performance about the power of the past, the challenge of the future and the reality of the present.
“Time only exists because otherwise everything would happen simultaneously”.

A dance piece with strong physical images in which we also, just because we like it, carry a piece of Finland with us, with its extreme climate and wild nature "

KÅNKEN (pronounced konken) is Swedish for dragging,pulling or carrying, is a new production of SweetDreams Kollektiv by dancer / choreographer Linda Holmström and dancer / choreographer Marjan Raar, both working in Finland. Linda is Finnish but originally comes from Åland and Marjan is Dutch but lives in Finland.

KÅNKEN is a project divided into 3 parts:
A version for outside locations
A version for galleries and small spaces
A theater and whole evening version 

Part 1 will be performed at:
Friday     24 at 19.00 in Mariehamn
Saturday 25 at 14.00 in Bomarsund
Saturday 25 at 19.00 in Mariehamn

Part 2 will be performed at:
Friday 31.8 at 20.00 at Prenzlauer studio / Kunst-Kollektiv in Berlin


Winsstraße 42, 10405 Berlin, Germany

graphic design by Dio Lau@Prenzlauerstudio/Kunst-Kollektiv Berlin

Here a short impression of KÅNKEN part 2 in Berlin 

Part 3 will be created during spring 2019


Choreography and dance: Linda Björkqvist & Marjan Raar
Music and sound: SweetDreams Kollektiv

Costumes and props: Linda Björkqvist & Marjan Raar

KÅNKEN has received support 
for part 1 : Ålands Kulturdelegation
for part 2: LTA ( the Regional Dance Center of Western Finland), Barker-teatteri, Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv