Tuesday, February 7, 2017


An impression of the piece I made after working 2 months in an empty shop in Den Helder, the Netherlands.
A part of the project Werk aan de Winkel, in which Kunsthal45 and Woningstichting Den Helder invite artists to work in empty shops in the center of the town.

Video by Sirmcx

Thursday, January 12, 2017


After working in december and januari in an empty shop, I perform this piece in Den Helder, the Netherlands.
HIGH TIDE is a piece about rituals, sea, strength, and faded glory!
The piece will have open rehearsals on 16.18  from 14-16 and on 20.1 from 13-15.

                                                 Opening night on saturday 21.1 at 15.00.
                                                 Spoortstraat 60 in Den Helder 

 And some pictures from the space seen from the outside

Friday, December 16, 2016

HighTide /Hoogtij

HighTide or Hoogtij is a solo project which I create during 2 months in the city of Den Helder.
I work in an empty shop , and have first been working on the space, and try to transfer that into a space in which I can create a choreography. 

From the outside people can watch a movie from the process I'm busy with. And especially when it's dark outside its a colorful space. During the daytime light from the outside is coming in, which makes it hard to see the space. But I'm still working on that and have solved that today!! Pictures in January!

Dance material will come in January and I should be ready around the middle of January to show the result of working in an empty space with nothing but one electricity plug to start from. 
The adress: Spoorstraat 60 in Den Helder and the shop is called schoenenreus. Pop in if you want from 7.1 forward. Or just walked by to see read and watch pictures and a video.

I'm writing a blog on the window of the shop (nicely old fashioned by hand) of my whereabouts and actions. 

Here some first impression of the beginning. 
High Tide is about sea, rituals, festivity and me. 

                      rehearsals in the space in Den Helder

rehearsing another part in our studio in Barker Theater in Finland

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Opening night 26.10.2016 Barker Teatteri


A collaboration from painting artist Baukje Spaltro from Amsterdam and choreographer Marjan Raar from Turku.


"The question of WHERE we are is more meaningful than ever and more important than the question of WHAT we are. We need to focus on the place that people create to be 
who they are. This place I have given the name ATMOSPHERE. Spheres are space creations that act as an immune system." Peter Sloterdijk.

opening night / ensi-ilta / premiär 
26.10.2016 at 19.00 
next performances
28.10 at 19.00
29.10 at 19.00
30.10 at 15.00

Concept Marjan Raar & Baukje Spaltro
Choreography Marjan Raar
Dance Linda Holmström,Kaisa Koulu, Nina Renvall, Marjan Raar
Painting artist Baukje Spaltro
Lights and staging Arttu Aarnio

SPHERES a collaboration between choreographer Marjan Raar and painting artist Baukje Spaltro.

Marjan Raar creates a choreography for dancers Linda Holmström, Kaisa Koulu and herself in different atmospheres, while dancer Nina Renvall adds her own atmosphere and dance to the piece. 

SPHERES is about space creations, battles, identities, expressions and interactions between the dancers,the painter and the light and stage designer on stage.

The choreography has to be danced , the lights have to be designed and the painting has to get painted. Baukje Spaltro´s final paintings of her series City Spheres Turku will get ready during the 4 performances in Barker Teatteri.

SPHERES is supported by: Arts promotion centre Finland , Arts Council of Varsinais- Soumi, Svenska Kulturfonden and Turku City

Barker Teatteri
Raunistulantie 25 
tickets 15/8 €  per performance
reservation : info@barkerteatteri.fi
tel: 02 2383903
Barker Teatteri´s location: http://barkerteatteri.fi/joomla/index.php/osoite 

                                   a short impression of SPHERES

pictures from the opening night by Cor Jabaaij


Spheres in rehearsal pictures by Cor Jabaaij

                                         the very first rehearsals in Barker studio in june 2016


CITY SPHERES by Baukje Spaltro

Dutch Italian artist Baukje Spaltro travels through Europe painting  the Genius Loci ( the spirit of the place) of urban districts in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Milan and Turku.

During a short stay in every district, Baukje will capture the local energy and identity by colour and paint. Local communities are based on the local spirit and defined by traditions, monuments and buildings.
Especially architecture of past times reflects a special cultural identity an radiates an invisible energy. Spaltro focuses on this energy and the relation between this spirit, the district and the colours.
In one month she will paint several streetviews, monuments, buildings, urban fragments and local knights.
With the works of each district Spaltro will make an unique City Sphere installation. Finally she will exhibit all the City Spheres. City Spheres challenges people to look differently to the (un) known neighbourhood.
This project is a plea for local identity and an ode to authenticity of European cities.

In Turku , Baukje Spaltro will work in B-Galleria during October 2016 on City Sphere Turku. Her exhibition of City Spheres Turku : AURA  is still to be seen until the end of october in B-Galleria in Turku.
More info on:                     



Sunday, November 8, 2015

BLACK opening night friday 13.11 at 19.00 Barker Theater Turku Finland

                                         BLACK a solo dance for 2

Black is an intense, rough, mysterious solo dance in rage and peace in a bare environment with nothing else but a floor, lights, music.  And dance. Back to the instrument that matters most..the body. All additional and artificial grace is abandoned. Back to zero. Fragile and vulnerable yet brave and daring after 30 years of being in a home away from home. 

Choreography and concept Marjan Raar
soloist                       Marjan Raar
alter ego and soloist Linda Holmström
light design               Arttu Aarnio
music                        Muziekfabriek & others
marketing                  Barker Teatteri
pictures                     Jesper Dolgov

Opening night friday 13.11 at 19.00
Next performances: Saturday 14.11 at 19.00
                                 Sunday   15.11 at 15.00
                                 Friday     20.11 at 19.00
                                 Saturday 21.11 at 19.00
                                 Sunday   22.11  at 15.00

Black has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus and Barker Teatteri.

Tickets : 15 &10 euro

Barker Teatteri
Raunistulantie 25 H Turku
directions on www.barkerteatteri.fi

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Working in Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder, the Netherlands

During June I rehearse a new choreography in Den Helder, the Netherlands. 
I'm going to work in Kunsthal45 during the artist in residence program Air! 
On June 20 at 21.30 I will perform during an improvised evening  together with musician Jussi Paananen who plays the violin,  in Kunsthal45. 
At the same time artist in residence Baukje Spaltro works on her series of paintings Den Nieuwen Helder. 
Our impro will be inspired by Baukjes paintings, the space and the creative atmosphere of Kunsthal 45.
The other days I rehearse a new choreography which will be performed in Barker Theater in Turku ; BLack. 

An impression of our working process and performance at Kunsthal 45:

Pictures : Marja Lely